Programming Confidence™

Trance Audios for Building Confidence, Taking Action, Stop Smoking, Losing Weight, Awesome Relations, Real Estate Transactions!

What You Will Learn…

Building More Confidence:

Many people struggle with confidence in one area or another. This trance session improves confidence in yourself. Confidence is one of the biggest reasons people are successful. Let’s boost your confidence to help you achieve more success in your life and begin living a life you love!

Stop Smoking

Do you smoke or know someone close to you that does? Have you ever attempted to stop smoking on your own or with over the counter medications? Transform the way your mind controls that bad habit so that you are able to become the non-smoker that you are naturally.

Losing Weight

Would you like to lose a pound or two? This trance download changes the way you view food and the choices you make around it. Listening to this download will help program your subconscious to begin taking the actions you know to take to lose weight.

Real Estate Transactions

This download helps you get into the right state of mind to handle Real Estate transactions. This is great for any level investor valuable to new investors that are unsure of themselves. With this, you can get out of your own way since you will know the answers without spending as much time thinking about them.

Take Action NOW!

Who has ever had a problem with putting tasks off that they do not want to do? This is another habit that once it’s changed, will have a massive impact on your life in many areas. Will works with your subconscious mind to change the way you approach the tasks in your life. You will Take Action NOW!

Awesome Relationships

Everyone wants to have the best relationship possible with their spouse, significant other, family, friends and business colleagues. This trance audio works on how you view your relationships and ways to work from a place of love toward everyone. It creates methods for healthy, successful relationships that will foster a tremendous enjoyment of all the people you choose to have in your life. You are committed to creating awesome relationships!

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