The “SHIFT” is a Full 3 Day High Energy Seminar Created and Delivered by Master Hypnotist and Professional Real Estate Investor of 17 years, Will Duquette. He teaches you the cutting edge technology of Subconscious Reprogramming and the Powers of Persuasion and Influence to use to get anything you want in your life!

At this Amazing, Fun, Interactive Action Filled Seminar you will break through the barriers that are holding you back to go succeed in all areas of your life. You will break through your fears and never be stopped by them again. You will learn to go take actions now to create more wealth, Lose weight, Stop Smoking, Enjoy awesome passionate Relationships, and Live the life you were made to live full of abundance and without stress and learn to conquer your fears.

People that have been trained by Will Duquette have reported going out and creating checks in the amount of $70,000 in less than 30 Days after leaving the event. They also reported being scared to move forward prior to the event! Will’s own mother attended his event and went back home to lose over 30lbs within the next 65 days of leaving the seminar. 12 year Veterans of Real Estate Investing have gone to his event and have said “Out of all the other seminars we ever went to through the years this was by far the best Seminar we ever attended!”

What You Will Learn…

  • Learn how the world programs you daily and how to break out of negative Habits, Actions, and FEAR
  • Learn to Reprogram Your Mind for a Massive Shift
  • Eliminate Old Programs and Replace with Powerful Ones you want
  • Learn to Create Passionate Relationships, A Healthy Body and More Wealth Now with ease!
  • Explode Your Self Confidence Instantly and at your own will
  • Learn Subconscious Persuasion and Influence and how to Program and Develop a Millionaire’s Mind Set
  • Interactive, fun, and Powerful Exercises that produce lasting results on your subconscious mind
  • Become Unstoppable & Build Wealth Faster & Easier
  • Release years of stress and learn to relax instantly and to move forward fast without fear

Experience Life Transformations that Stay with you & Serve You!
Empower yourself and others around you by your transformation!
Come to the “Shift” to experience just how amazing your life can and will be!

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